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Ladies fingers curry (Okra), cashew nut curry, fish curry...Our Olalalanka friends give you their advices and their recipes ideas.

This workshop group allows you to make a culinary recipe : making several types of curry with accompaniment of wade (donuts with lentils) and as bonus a prepration with coconut milk !

Le saviez-vous ?

Curry which is mainly used in Southeast Asia is the base for preparing sauces and traditionnal dishes. Made from mixtures of spices and crushed condiments, the whole forms a perfect curry to season dishes. Using spices is a good way to reduce your salt intake when it is recommended. It would also be recommended as stimulant as well ;).


You will receive the list of ingredients needed for this recipe in the days following your purchase booking.

We are here to answer your questions: blandine.gil@flockeo.com
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How does it work ?

1. I choose the workshop I’m interested in
2. I easily book
3. I receive a confirmation email with all the details *
4. I buy the ingredients needed for my recipe
5.On the D-day, I just have to click on the unique link received after my purchase, and let the experience begin !

*If I buy this Boost to offer it to someone, I give his/her contact details to Flockeo, who will directly send him/her the details.

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