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Reggae dance lessons for couples ! You get tired of dancing reggae, alone ... A Brazilian city, São Luis, and its inhabitants have thought of you. Take back this legendary rhythm by learning to dance Reggae for two.

This group workshop will allow you to perform a Reggae danse couple : The dance teacher will transmit you the basics. Let yourself be carried away by the Brazilian sensuality.

Le saviez-vous ?

In the beginning, reggae was played at parties where rhythms such as meringue, lambada, forró and bolero predominated. So, in the intervals of the more hectic sequences, the discos began to play rhythmic styles. This is how reggae began to emerge on the capital's music scene, where it was known in the 1970s as “slow foreign” music.

Moreover, as these danse rhythms are most of the time in pairs and because of no one knew how to appreciate the “new rhythm”, reggae began to be danced in pairs also.


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