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“How about a Secret Santa this year? It’s that time of year again, when everyone’s talking about Secret Santa! Whether with colleagues, family or friends, in just a few years Secret Santa has become a Christmas staple. And it’s just another way of encouraging over-consumption. The Flockeo team invites you to give an Experience instead… an original, meaningful, eco-responsible gift for less than 15 euros!

Secret Santa
Secret Santa ©Canva

The concept behind Secret Santa? We are randomly assigned a person to give them a gift anonymously and within a given budget. “This year the budget is €15”.

OK, the tone is set. At first you’re really excited, but then you quickly realise that you don’t know Christophe from accounting that well.

“What am I going to get her? If you want a change from the Ferrero Rocher and bottle of wine combo because “it’s always fun“, you can read our article with 5 ideas for eco-friendly gifts perfect for a €15 Secret Santa with Flockeo Experiences.

Flockeo Experiences are online workshops that allow you to discover a culture with a local.

Ps: If you’re teleworking or away from your family, this is also THE ideal gift for getting together with loved ones and sharing a moment together.



1/ Cooking workshop – €15

A great gift idea for those with a sweet tooth, cookery workshops are always a hit… but they’re often not suitable for all budgets. Today we’re going to prove to you that it’s possible to find a cooking class within your budget.

For Secret Santa, we’re offering your colleague a Balinese, Sri Lankan, Japanese, Indian or Argentinian cooking workshop. A cooking workshop is 1? hours of learning how to make a traditional dish from a different region of the world, all from the comfort of your own home! It’s perfect for Marion, who’s a homebody and loves to enjoy good food with her partner!

atelier de cuisine Secret Santa
Cooking workshop ©Canva

2/ Relaxation workshop – €15

Between work and the end of the year coming up, your friend Stéphane is pretty stressed at the moment. He needs to relax and unwind. What if Secret Santa was the opportunity to offer him an hour-and-a-half workshop with Eric, a naturopath, to explore meditation and learn how to relax? He’ll then be able to use the techniques on his own to get the New Year off to a good start.

atelier détente Secret Santa
Relaxation workshop ©Canva

3/ Dance workshop – €15

For someone who loves to move and discover new things, a dance class is the perfect gift! An hour and a half to learn Argentine tango, Brazilian samba or Cuban salsa. It’s sure to be the best Secret Santa gift for your group of friends!

As with all Flockeo Experiences, the course takes place online, from home, and can be shared with children, spouses and friends!

cours de danse Secret Santa
Dance workshop ©Canva

4/ DIY cosmetics workshop – €15

Economical and environmentally friendly, we all know someone in our circle who loves DIY! But the task is always more complex than we imagined… What if we told you that for €15, we could offer you a one and a half hour online course with Armelle, the creator of Celyan Vie, a brand of homemade cosmetics, at her home in Sri Lanka.

A Secret Santa gift that’s perfect for DIY success!

atelier de cosmétiques naturelles Secret Santa
Natural cosmetics workshop ©Canva

5/ Online guided tour – €15

An online guided tour allows everyone to discover the world’s cultural riches from the comfort of their own home. It’s also a low-carbon travel experience… and an excellent gift idea at a low price!

Does your colleague Caroline dream of going to Istanbul? Take advantage of Secret Santa to offer her an online guided tour of Istanbul, live with Dilek, a local guide and Flockeo partner.

The tour lasts 1 hour and costs 15 euros.

Visite guidée d'Istanbul en ligne pour Secret Santa
Istanbul ©Canva

You’ve got it, for a successful Secret Santa, give the gift of a Flockeo Experience! Delight your loved ones with an eco-friendly gift that will take them on a journey. You can also buy a gift card so that your guest can choose his or her Experience in the same way as a travel or workshop box.

The Experiences are concocted for you by the Flockeo elves, and the speakers are paid fairly. Flockeo Experiences are unusual gifts that allow you to discover new cultures. All workshops cost €15 per screen connection. Enough to delight all your friends and family for the festive season!

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