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5 February 2021 - 19:30

ENGLISH 15 ā‚¬

In the mood for Scottish Cocktails ? Sophie will guide you through a few local favourites !

Culinary Recipe : Drink recipes It’s time to unbox your shaker for a cocktail party in Scotland. Sophie will guide you through 3 cocktail recipes prepared with Scottish gin, Scottish whisky and a mocktail. To make this party really special, Sophie will also prepare some nibbles with Scottish products !

Duration : 1h30

You will receive the list of ingredients needed for this recipe in the days following your purchase booking.

The abuse of the consumption of alcohol is harmful to health.

This workshop is available in French on the 8th of January.

Did you know ?

Scotland is the largest gin producer in the United Kingdom. With over 50 gin distilleries in the country, there is a gin for every taste. If you never tried it, this spirit is created from a neutral alcohol from grain or potato and infused with botanicals. The main botanical being juniper berries. Scottish distilleries love to forage their own plants from the hills and coasts of the country to give an authentic Scottish taste to their gins. 

Distillation is an ancient process that has been used for thousands of years. The first official record of Scottish whisky dates from 1494 in the Scottish Exchequer Rolls. Whisky has a long and very interesting history in the region. Today there are 130 distilleries producing Scottish single malts and blended whiskies.


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