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Initiation to Cuban salsa online


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Moment Description

You can't resist the rhythms of Latin American music?
You are a beginner and want to discover the basics of Salsa, alone or with someone else?

During 1h30, Franklyn will guide you step by step to learn this dance coming from Cuba, from your home.
"Hola amigos! My name is Franklyn, I come from Cuba, and I moved to France a year ago.
I'm very happy to see the interest of the French in Cuban culture, music and dances...
So ... vamos a bailar amigos! "

Did you know?

The word "salsa" means "sauce" in Spanish.
It is used to describe this dance because it brings flavour to life!
The Salsa musical style has its origins in a rich mix of musical influences from America, Africa and Europe.


We will define together the date of your Moment.

The price is decreasing. If you are booking this workshop for:

  • 1 person = 72€ per person
  • 2 persons = 36€ per person
  • 3 persons = 24€ per person
  • + of 4 persons = 18€ per person

You can be in the same place, or remotely during the workshop.

Book for your loved ones!

Do not miss any opportunity

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