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4 February 2021 - 18:30

ENGLISH 15 ā‚¬

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Want to get to know Arab culture better through music ? Let yourself be guided ! This listening workshop is intended for the discovery of Arabic music in all its diversity (style, period and region) and the discovery of different traditional instruments.

This group workshop will introduce you to oriental music : Jamal offers you a first listening section intended to discover music and then discover rhythms and scales specific to oriental music.

Duration : 1h30

This workshop is available in French on the 14th of January.

Did you know ?

Many instruments that have appeared in Europe: flutes, fiddle, viols, drums, lutes, dulcians, chalemies, are derived from older Arab instruments.

The most important in Arabic music is the verb, the word, the poetry! The song is used to emphasize the poem, the rhythm to support its breath. The music is a support for the song, a setting to illustrate the voice which itself illustrates the poem.

Musician playing oriental instrument
Musician playing oriental instrument


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