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22 January 2021 - 19:00

ENGLISH 15 â‚¬

Are you looking for gift ideas to please or to please (yourself) ?

Have you always wanted to learn about tasting without really daring to do so ? This workshop is for you ! No prejudices, trust your instinct and your senses.

Cyrielle, head of the incoming agency MillĂ©sime PrivĂ© in Bordeaux, invites you to a virtual initiation to wine tasting. Test and experiment during this virtual workshop that will challenge the three key senses at tasting: sight, taste and smell. During this workshop, experiment and learn: blind tasting, the influence of containers, the origin of wine aromas, the secrets of food and wine pairing… You will come out of this workshop more confident and ready to face the vast world of wine !

Duration : 1h30

The abuse of the consumption of alcohol is harmful to health.

This workshop is available in French on the 15th of January.

Did you know ?

The vine has been present in Bordeaux since ancient times, the notables of Burdigala (name of the city under the empire) having decided to create their own vineyard because of the high prices of Italian wines ! Today, Bordeaux gathers 65 of the 325 AOC of France, with nearly 5400 wine growers.

Today, the vineyard mainly produces red wine (80%) but there is a wide range of wines, including dry and sweet whites, crémants (sparkling wines).

The great specificity of Bordeaux wines remains the blending, which consists in mixing different grape varieties with a concern for quality, finesse and balance. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are generally blended. On the white side, one finds blendings of sauvignon, semillon or muscadelle. To each grape variety corresponds aromas, colors…For example, the merlot gives a lot of color and red fruit aromas, while the cabernet sauvignon brings structure to the wine, and black fruit aromas.

Atelier découverte oenologie activité écoresponsable
Discovery workshop wine tourism sustainable travel


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