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21 January 2021 - 19:30


In the mood for Scottish food ? Sophie will guide you through a few local favourites !

Culinary recipe : Happy Burns Night ! Prepare your own Burns Supper at home by following the recipes prepared by Sophie. There will be smoked haddock, haggis, sweet treats and of course, Scottish whisky. Everything to enjoy a traditional Burns night in Scotland.

Duration : 1h30

You will receive the list of ingredients needed for this recipe in the days following your purchase booking.

The abuse of the consumption of alcohol is harmful to health.

This workshop is available in French on the 29th of January.

Did you know ?

Each January 25, Scotland celebrates Burns Night in honor of its national poet Robert Burns. This famous 18th century poet goes by the nickname “Scotland’s favourite son” as his poems captured the hearts of all the Scots. Robert Burns not only wrote in English, he also used the local Scottish dialect to play with words. 

Each year, People all over Scotland are meeting on January 25 to celebrate his birth. It is traditional to invite people for dinner and recite his poems, particularly his Address to a Haggis.


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