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FESTIV Madagascar

Avenue la Bigorne - Ile de Sainte Marie


Languages : Français

Short summary

FESTIV specialises in event tourism in Madagascar.... What does it mean? It means that we create and organise public events, in direct correlation with all that
Madagascar can offer in its biodiversity. A fauna and flora, rugged and playful terrains but also nautical spots for the most beautiful adventures enriched by exceptional landscapes hosting residents welcoming and warm. These events have become open programmes adapted to tourism.
Everything we offer is in line with sustainable tourism, respect for the environment and the population. They create jobs but also discoveries by offering activities, events, new routes, and even competitions.
What traditional receptive people don't do.... We build it for you....

Commitments in sustainable tourism

Festiv has signed as early as 2018, the charter on the respect of sustainable tourism with the Ministry of Tourism of madagascar and its tourist operators.
The respect of this charter is respected and obligatory, it contains the following commitments: Minimise the impact on the environment, Protect and conserve the environment, Participate in the collection and treatment of waste, Respect labour legislation, Valorise local staff and local culture, Improve living conditions, Actively participate in all joint actions, Multiply fair economic activities, Professionalise my activity.

Jacky JAYAT has created more than 50 events in France and abroad, for professionals or the general public, as a consultant, service provider or as part of his own activities. Seduced by Madagascar in 2005, it became a lifestyle choice to diversify its activities in a spirit of economic development and solidarity. It is supported in 2012 by Nathalie Munoz who takes over the management of its activities in France. He thus devotes himself to the creation of events and the promotion of tourism in Madagascar such as the Whale Festival, the Lemur Trophy and many others supported by his local team. Cécile LANTOU has been working with Jacky for more than 6 years. She has acquired a solid experience in the field. Born in Madagascar, she has adapted European working methods to the Malagasy culture. Jonathan RAVELLO leads the team based in Sainte Marie to receive our clients. He animates the excursions, activities and sports programmes that we offer there, including welcoming festival-goers during the Whale Festival. Anna RAMAHANDRISON, joined the organisation in 2019. She is in charge of the management of "sporting events with competitions" on land and water, to accompany sponsors and partners, listen to their needs and offer them the best solutions for visibility and participation.

More details

FESTIV MADAGASCAR is structured in 5 departments to meet all tourism targets:
FESTI'Voyage offers you, all over Madagascar, à la carte programmes built, from the coolest to the most rhythmic, with or without activity, from the local hotel to the most luxurious, from the track to the road, just for you and your friends.
Our ROADING ROADS department has been specialising for more than 16 years in off-road trekking in Madagascar, originally based on the East coast, and now covers the whole country. Our "trademark" that you like so much! Discoveries, adventures, driving, authenticity, conviviality, solidarity and human exchanges. All this you will experience through our programmes.
LE LEMUR TROPHY is a kind of " Camel Trophy ", much more peaceful, within everyone's reach and which can be practised with the family. By piloting your off-road vehicle you are the master of your tourist adventure.
TOUT SAINTE MARIE - We have a team dedicated exclusively to welcoming our clients on the small island of Sainte Marie located in the North-East of Madagascar - You will dream of the adventures of the freebooter while driving along the island of the forbans and visiting the pirate's cemetery. You will wander as far as the Natural Swimming Pools, taste a grilled lobster or play robinsons on the island of mats ...You will discover the mangrove of the bay of Ampanihy or the immense lagoon by boat...
THE WHALE FESTIVAL IN SAINTE MARIE - Madagascar celebrates, every year, at the same time, its maritime wealth on the one hand with its seabed, its flora, its pirate's lairs, its beaches and on the other hand its humpback whales which come every year from Antarctica, where they reside, to give birth, reproduce and offer us, during their mating rituals, a grandiose and permanent show in the Sainte Marie canal to make it one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Our main strenghts

  • Activities on Nature
  • Customized experiences
  • Attractive prices
  • Wildlife encounter
  • Authentic people
  • An exceptional location
  • A dynamic team

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