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Flockeo: Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

Thibaut Spiwack: Hello, I am Thibaut Spiwack, director and owner of the gastronomic, responsible and sustainable restaurant “ANONA” in Paris 17, Batignolles area.

Flockeo: How does the Covid-19 impact your daily life? How do you handle the situation?

Thibaut Spiwack: As all my peers, I had to close the restaurant on the 14th of March evening, following the government’s decision. We all understand this decision, but it will have a very strong economic impact.

All my employees currently are short-time working. Some of the company’s charges are suspended for the moment, but we will have to pay them later and still have some to pay at the moment. I am not even talking about the perishable goods that we lost.

How do we handle it? Same as a lot of people, we stay at home, have some rest (which is quite unusual when working in restaurants) and we work, for you, on new ideas for the end of Spring’s menu.

Flockeo: Have you witnessed acts of solidarity around you?

Thibaut Spiwack: Donate food to avoid waste and try to limit as much as possible sudden inflows in the supermarkets is the way most of my peers and myself have decided to act.

Flockeo: Do you think that the current situation will have a long-term impact on people’s mindset and ways of doing things?

Thibaut Spiwack: Humans have a strong ability to forget. Life will start again as it stopped. Perhaps, we will think about washing our hands more often…

Flockeo: Do you have a specific message to share with the community?

Thibaut Spiwack: Enjoy this suspended life to rest, unwind and make savings so that as soon as this crisis ends, everyone can fill the restaurants, bars, museums, theatres etc. because we will really need it.

Thank you, and see you soon

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