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Anne-Claire Gaudru, 36 years old, From Toulouse, recommends this destination

Copenhagen is a surprising city and I say this with love! It is one of those cities that almost looks like a simple town in appearances, but with the buzz and dynamismof a large European capital!!

In this city, you can visit one of the oldest amusment parks in the world, ride the waves of its famous waterways and delight yourself with some delicious street food. There are many streets markets to visit in Copenhagen – each one guaranteeing that you will never miss a good opportunity to taste good things!

At first, I was introduced to the concept of sustainable tourism through my job. I was lucky enough to travel with my parents and tourism sector and sustainability were my favorite subjects at school. This journey quickly showed me that everyone was interested in traveling, but that a small part of them had access to the “adventure” related to the travel and that many were just looking to “have a rest”.

I quickly understood that the resources were “exhaustible” (beautiful spots, cheap, exotic, not overcrowded, …). My most memorable trip was a trip to the Galapagos, where I felt like a guest of our Planet Earth.

Definitively, Copenhagen was a huge crush in 2018 : for gastronomic experiences beyond cinnamon rolls, for a Street art visit with a passionate inhabitant and the wooden giants’ quest by bike … crazy memories!

Ideas travel off the beaten track

To blend in with the atmosphere and keep pace with the city, you can use the free access electric bikes equipped with GPS. You just need to create an account on Bycyklen.dk. You will be able to go looking for Tomas Gambo’s wooden giants, visit the surroundings of the city and get out of ultra tourist places.
After a memorable tasting at the Krebsgaarden restaurant, I suggest you make a stop by Grand Fromage, to finish your tasting with a good piece of Thise Thybo cheese. It is also very pleasant to stroll through the coffee bars, there are many and they are everywhere!



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