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Copenhagen, the world capital of cycling. Fast, practical and sustainable, the “little queen” is the perfect way to discover a city at your own pace. Cycling in Copenhagen is a real pleasure! The roads are well maintained and bicycles have priority. You can also find places to park them without difficulty! It’s even impressive when you set foot in the city of the little mermaid, this seemingly endless sea of two wheels.

But then, how do you visit Copenhagen by bike and especially what to visit?

Cycling in Copenhagen @Flockeo
Cycling in Copenhagen @Flockeo

Whether you choose to travel to Denmark with your own bicycle (you can easily transport it by train from France) or decide to rent one, once you arrive you can pedal through the colourful houses like a real Danish!

So, let Copenhagen discover itself to you at the rhythm of your legs…

Watch the Little Mermaid, the symbol of Copenhagen, from your bicycle

Statue "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen, in the centre of Copenhagen to see by bike  @Flockeo
Statue “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen @Flockeo

Discover the statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s work, a true symbol of Copenhagen. Pedal through the surrounding gardens. Then discover the artworks that embrace the little mermaid. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the park on a bike ride. Finally you can head to the Kastellet citadel.

Kastellet, Copenhagen’s citadel, take a bike tour

Windmill of Kastellet, visible by bike in Copenhagen @Flockeo
Kastellet’s windmill @Flockeo
Kastellet Citadel, cycling in Copenhagen @Flockeo
Kastellet’s citadel @Flockeo

The Kastellet is one of the best preserved fortresses in Northern Europe. Its construction was initiated in 1626 by King Christian IV of Denmark. You can take a tour on two wheels. You can visit the St Alban’s Church and the Gefion Fountain on the outskirts of the fortress. You can also ride inside the fortress, but you will have to leave your bikes at the entrance. Ride along the Copenhagen harbour and stop at the royal palaces.

Amalienborg, Copenhagen’s masterpiece

Amalienborg Palace is the royal residence. It is also a masterpiece of Danish architecture. You can leave your bicycles behind for a while to discover this sumptuous palace. Moreover, if you arrive by noon, you can also discover the changing of the Danish guard, which has nothing to envy to the Queen of England.

Amalienborg Palace Guard, Copenhagen, accessible by bicycle @Flockeo
Amalienborg Palace Guard @Flockeo
Amalienborg Palace Guard, Copenhagen, accessible by bicycle @Flockeo
Amalienborg Palace Guard @Flockeo

On either side of the palace, you will find Marmorkirken, meaning marble church, in a sumptuous rococo style. Its 50-metre-high dome makes it a well-known attraction of the region. Afterwards, if you cycle on, you can also see the Copenhagen Opera House. A few pedal strokes from the palace and you arrive at Kongens Nytrov, meaning “New King’s Square”. This central area was laid out in the 17th century, based on the model of the Place Vendôme in Paris.

Marmokirken Church, central Copenhagen by bike @Flockeo
Marmokirken Church @Flockeo

Nyhavn, cycle through Copenhagen’s central canal

As you continue your walk you will come across Nyhavn. This canal in the centre of Copenhagen represents the iconic skyline of the Danish capital with its colourful houses.

Discover also Kongens Nytorv square, lined by the Copenhagen theatre, a real Danish melting pot. Moreover, this square lets you discover the Danish architecture at 360°. It is also a place of passage for the many Copenhagen cyclists.

Nihavn Canal and the colourful houses that line it, a symbol of Copenhagen to cycle around @Flockeo
Nihavn Canal and its colourful houses @Flockeo
Nihavn Canal and the colourful houses that line it, a symbol of Copenhagen to cycle around  @Flockeo
Nihavn Canal and its colourful houses @Flockeo

Rundetaarn, the round tower of Copenhagen

Rundetaarn round tower, in the centre of Copenhagen easily accessible by bike @Canva
Rundetaarn’s round tower @Canva

Continue your tour through the streets of Copenhagen and stop at the Round Tower. From the top of the tower, you can see the Danish capital with a 360° view of the city’s roofs. Rundetaarn was built in the 17th century.

The lakes, 6km of cycling or walking

The Lakes in Copenhagen, from the bike ride @Flockeo
The Lakes @Flockeo

Then follow the lakes (there is a 6km walk around them) and stop to enjoy a nice dinner and the sunset. The lakes are a favourite place for Copenhageners to relax at the end of the day. You can enjoy the view under the setting sun. After that, if you are feeling adventurous, you can also go and discover Tivoli.

Tivoli, Copenhagen’s theme park to discover by bike

Tivoli is an amusement park in the centre of the city. You can take a single entrance (without attractions) if you want to enjoy the park’s unusual setting for a simple bike ride around Copenhagen. Shows, concerts and other events take place at Tivoli, which makes it a very interesting place to walk around at the end of the day. Beware though, the park is quite crowded, so if you don’t like crowds, we suggest you head for the lakes.

Entrance to the Tivoli amusement park, which can be visited by bicycle from Copenhagen @Flockeo
Entrance to Tivoli amusement park @Flockeo

Cycling around Copenhagen

You can also explore the surroundings of Copenhagen by bike. All public transport is accessible to bicycles outside of rush hour.

Former royal residence in Frederiksborg, close to Copenhagen by bike @Flockeo
Former royal residence @Flockeo

We advise you to go to Frederiksborg to discover the former royal residence. It is now a museum of Danish history. Afterwards, take a stroll through its sumptuous gardens.

Accessible in 30 minutes by train from the city centre, it’s a sumptuous walk that awaits you. To enjoy the interior of the museum, you will need to take a paid admission. Without it, you can still enjoy the castle walls.

The bike ride is very pleasant. You can even have a picnic in the gardens opposite the castle!

Eremitage Slottet Nature Park in Copenhagen, from the bike @Flockeo
Eremitage Slottet Nature Park @Flockeo

Finally, do you want to discover a Danish nature park? Go to Eremitage Slottet. It’s a one-hour ride (by bike, of course) from Copenhagen city centre. You can go for a walk in this green area. Meet the deer and ride along the coast, always accompanied by your faithful steed. You can follow the main routes in the nature park or take the smaller ones, which are more or less accessible depending on your level of cycling. However, be careful not to take paths that are not passable. This could damage the park’s flora and fauna.

If you do this tour during one of your visits to Copenhagen, send us your pictures and we will share them on our social networks!

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