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Flora Tristán

The Fallen Aristocrat who Became one of the First Feminists

When Flora Tristán leaves Paris for Peru, her father’s country, in 1833, she does not know that the heritage she’d come to claim would lead her to a very different path. How did the daughter of a Peruvian aristocrat and self-proclaimed “pariah” become one of the first feminist and socialist militant? 

Helen Thayer

The Tale of the First Woman to Walk to the Magnetic North Pole Without Assistance

Usually, athletes like Helen Thayer retire when they are middle-aged. It was not the case for this New Zealand native. On the contrary! After a long career in sports, another life opened-up : a life of adventure that would take her to the magnetic North Pole, the Sahara and the Gobi desert.

the great women, Isabelle Eberhardt

Isabelle Eberhardt

The cross-dressing aristocrat who became a nomad

If there is one word to summarize Isabelle Eberhardt’s life it would be: fate.

The illegitimate daughter of an exiled aristocrat led her life as she saw fit, traveled widely in the Maghreb, wrote about it, dressed sometimes as a man (and also took a male pen name) to bypass the limitation of her gender and converted to Islam to be accepted by the Arab population she had grown to love. All of this, at the turn of the 20th Century. 

the great women, Jeanne Baret

Jeanne Baret

A long around-the-world voyage

Amongst the pioneers and trailblazers, Jeanne Baret has a special spot : she is the first woman to have circum navigated the globe… but she did it disguised as a man.

the great women, Ida Pfeiffer

Ida Pfeiffer

A daring woman

This 19th century Austrian traveler became an iconic figure in exploration at the time. She started traveling around the age of 50 and made 2 world tours.

Her first trip lasted 3 years: Palestine, Brazil, Cape Horn, Tahiti, Singapore, India, Persian Gulf, Malaysia, Indonesia … From her writings, we come across her look on the different countries covered.

the great women, Ada Blackjack

Ada Blackjack

How did a young Inuit dressmaker become a fearless explorer?

Ada BlackJack embarks in 1921 in a polar expedition from which she will return only survivor.

the great women, Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole

A unique nurse and a fearless traveler

Mary Seacole is the story of a Jamaican woman who travels the world to reach the poor and the sick. Two centuries ago, a small piece of fearless woman defied the social laws and the prevailing racism of the time to do remarkable things.

the great women, junko tabei

Junko Tabei

The mountain pioneer!

Junko Tabei was the first woman to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, in 1975. Before her death in 2016, Tabei also became the first woman to conquer the “seven peaks”

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