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Greenway and Fair travel in Spain

Discovering the Sierra de Espadan
canyon in spain, greenway

Start our greenway trip with The Sierra de Espadán is a Natural Park with a great diversity, both from nature and the various cultures, from the Bronze Age to Roman and medieval times as well as Arabic influences.

The Sierra de Espadàn is an ecoregion which is home to an excellent PDO olive oil included in the list of the worldwide Slow Food movement. There are also many routes for hiking enthusiasts, some of which are very difficult to access but which offer magnificent landscapes.

Water pressure
water pressure sierra espadan spain, greenway
greenway, water pressure indicator
biodiversity sierra espadan spain, greenway
greenway, biodiversity indicator
urbanization sierra espadan, greenway
greenway, Urbanization indicator

Thanks to the 3 indicators above, we establish a global index in order to better understand the quality of the environment in a given region.

Zoom in to see the status of your favorite region and share this page with travelers, professionals and local elected officials.

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