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Haggling is something you can find all over the world but nowhere does it have the status of an almost national sport than in Morocco.

Debating the price of an item to purchase is not only about a commercial transaction, it’s a social interaction, a communication between two parties that must be enjoyed (granted, it’s not particularly comfortable if you’re not used to it).  What’s more; your skills at haggling might earn you some big points in the respect department. And in Morocco, (almost) everything is negotiable!

Let’s say you’ve seen a beautiful tea set that you’d like to purchase. The merchant will quote you a price. Do not hesitate to go way low and work your way up but stand firm for the price you think it’s fair. Bartering will also need you to act a little bit (just like the seller will probably feign outrage when you state a low price or try to sell you a story so you buy at a higher price or give you some tea). Try to keep a poker face and look mildly interested but smile and act relaxed while you negotiate.

Remember, the merchant in front of you is most probably a seasoned salesperson and bargaining is not a way to rip him/her off but the normal process of a sale. And did we mention it’s a wonderful way to interact with the locals?  

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