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Ida Pfeiffer, a bold woman

This 19th century Austrian traveler became an iconic figure in exploration at the time. She started traveling around the age of 50 and made 2 world tours. Her first trip lasted 3 years: Palestine, Brazil, Cape Horn, Tahiti, Singapore, India, Persian Gulf, Malaysia, Indonesia … From her writings, we come across her look on the different countries covered.

Ida Laura Reyer-Pfeiffer (1797-1858), Hanfstaengl, Fotographie 1856

Recognized as the first European woman to made a tour around the world, Ida inspired many women of the time to take trips. She was without doubt the first European tourist to travel alone, with the aim of relaxing and learning. Two centuries ago, it was not an easy task! Indeed, the women who preceded him disguised themselves as men to be able to travel. While Ida Pfeiffer began her travels as an independent woman. She left behind a major work on her discoveries. She was an “influencer” of her time.

John van Wyhe, historian of science and world experts of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace wrote a book on this traveler. Far from the usual clichés of great explorers, wealthy women and from high society, Ida was a remarkable traveler, namely, a housewife who decided to pursue her dream of travel, despite the disapproval of the society at the time .

Amazing for her feat and her authenticity! Ida Pfeiffer is the first woman to travel alone.

An inspired and inspiring traveler

Her passion for science pushed her to take off. Indeed, she was a naturalist and listed many specimens. Ida Pfeiffer was also an observer of the different peoples whom she met with a very lucid look at the time on the ravages of slavery.

From Scandinavia, to Iceland, via Madagascar, her books on her world trips depict trying experiences where the love of travel has always taken over all in this surprising woman.

She survived many ordeals such as sea storms, earthquakes, bad encounters, malaria, the arid desert, and much more. She get the rank of traveling writer following the publication of her stories in German, her mother tongue. Then translated into English, French and other languages. His stories supplemented by his collections of objects, plants, insects of the world have earned him the recognition of the scientific community, and the exhibition of his collection at the museums of Vienna.

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