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porto, Portugal


Portugal, 4 Outdoors and Relaxing Activities to Do

When visiting Portugal, the first things that come to mind are its beaches, its cities of art and culture, its wines… but let us take you outside to discover how to enjoy the country’s great outdoors. We have picked four…

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tour du monde, disquaire

Travel lifestyle

Around the world : Record stores for music lovers

Around the world for collectors of vinyl records, it is part of the essential ritual during a trip abroad to find a small record store at the corner of a street. Bringing a vinyl with you is also bringing a…

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sculpture, art, copenhague


Copenhagen, a huge crush

Anne-Claire Gaudru, 36 years old, From Toulouse, recommends this destination Copenhagen is a surprising city and I say this with love! It is one of those cities that almost looks like a simple town in appearances, but with the buzz…

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