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Fair travel

Guided tours for solidarity tourism

Turkey, Peru, Japan, France, Egypt ... In each country, one of our partners spoke on behalf of the communities and the sector in which he or she works. All of them explain the difficulties encountered and appeal for our support.…

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Istanbul, the cat-loving city

Aaah, Istanbul… where East meets West. Turkey’s cultural capital is full of riches (the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace…) but did you know that one of its treasures are… cats. Istanbul is home to several hundred thousands cats…

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Les 9 arbres, europe


The 9 most prestigious trees in Europe

If you are walking in one of the countries below, especially take the time to go and visit … a tree!These are not necessarily the most beautiful trees in Europe, but those whose history is written with a great "…

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