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Famille face au couché de soleil

Fair travel

5 tips to succesfully prepare homeschooling while traveling.

The desire to travel has never been greater. The global pandemic is pushing us to think differently about our lifestyles and choices.Encouraged by technological and digital developments, many parents are considering the idea of homeschooling their children. This idea is…

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View over Edimbourg

Adventure style

Halloween in Scotland: Unknown myths and legends

Scotland is a land of extraordinary landscapes and magnificent, sometimes remote castles. But it is also a unique culture and folklore. It is around Halloween that this folklore is most evident in Scotland. Indeed, fascinated by fright, the Scots have…

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Adventure style

Another vision of business travel with Elstarecon E&C ‘s wine seminars

What if a business trip would rhyme with teambuilding and discovery?  As a precious ally of professional meals, wine can also be the star of your next teambuilding event.  In order to travel in a committed and original way, let's…

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Landscape Poland Mountains


Discover Eastern Poland by bike: the Green Velo Szlak.

At the cultural crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe, Poland is a mysterious country, relatively unknown. However, it has a lot to offer, both for its History and the beauty of its wild landscapes, which are still well preserved. To…

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Travelers testimonies

How to travel around the world with your children?

The hardest part is to embrace travel no longer as a vacation style but as a way of life. Passionate travelers, Laura and her family took the big leap. So taking the big leap is a yes but not without…

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Flockeo Partners

Ethical Animal Tourism with Voyage Sauvage

We talked a lot about places to see and how we can travel the sustainable way but how about our interaction with animals? Shouldn’t we be more careful about the way we approach fauna when we visit a destination?  We…

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Flockeo Trips

From France to Mongolia: Logan’s Cycling Journey

From France across Eurasia, the land is adorned with colors and cultures of a thousand shades. Each can be tasted during a trip and all together they form an unforgettable cocktail. This is what Logan went through in 2015, with…

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Practical tips

Women Solo Travel: Beat the Fear of Traveling Alone

More and more women are traveling alone but there are still fears preventing first-time solo travelers from trying. Am I going to be safe? Am I going to feel lonely? All these obstacles can seem daunting but it does not…

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Adventure style

Why We Should Cook and Eat Insects

Let’s talk about insects! For Western cultures, cooking and eating insects is considered off-putting. However, in other regions such as Africa and Asia, bugs have been part of the diet for a long time. But things are changing. We are…

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Experts' views

The Environmental Impact of the Olympic Games

An ancient tradition, the Olympic Games today bring together thousands of athletes every four years. Facing the climate emergency, we have evaluated their environmental impact on a global and local scale. For these international events, the challenge is to reinvent…

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