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Choose a “greenway” in Senegal

Responsible travel in Senegal Many people know the island of Gorée in the bay of Dakar and its fabulous beach lovers. Yet the beautiful Saint Louis, located further north, nearly 300km is a region as exceptional to discover. Near Saint Louis, the…

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Rwanda, towards greener tourism

Rwanda, the sustainable tourism. The country of the 1000 hills is oneof the world’s greenest country. The Rwandan government has implemented a sustainable development policy for several years : banning of plastic bags, conservation of biodiversity, safeguarding of mountain gorillas…

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Mass tourism, the invisible suffering of animals

I’VE COME BACK to check on a baby. Just after dusk I’m in a car lumbering down a muddy road in the rain, past rows of shackled elephants, their trunks swaying. I was here five hours before, when the sun was…

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