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“Le Vert à Moitié Plein” is a french podcast that brings you to meet travelers, explorers and professionals of the tourism industry.
Every Sunday, discover the interview of someone who inspires us.
News, tips & tricks, inspirations, debates…
Together, we will find the path of a more sustainable tourism?

Nicki Van Ingen, Tokio Tours.


Your Japan Travel Guide !

?️ In this new episode, listen to our sustainable travel audio guide, accompanied by Nicki founder of TokioTours

➡️ In today’s program : an interview about sustainable tourism in Japan, followed by a moment of sharing where our guide answers questions asked by our listeners!

  • ? Is it easy to travel sustainably in Japan?
  • ? When to enjoy cherry blossoms?
  • ⛩️ How long for a first trip to Japan?
? To be discovered in this episode!

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Selyna Peiris, Selyn


Empowering Sri lankan women through social business

?? For this last podcast of the season, discover the interview of a committed, humanist, inspiring woman.

✨ It was during our Eductour in Sri Lanka in May that we met Selyna Peiris while visiting her company Selyn.

?Selyn is the only Fair-trade certified handicrafts company of Sri Lanka.

♀️ But it is also 30 years of women empowerment through a social business model.

30 years of combating rural depopulation, so women workers don’t have to go to Middle East countries.

30 years of keeping Sri Lankan traditional handloom alive

?Good listening !

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Julien Bailly, co-fondateur d'Una Bambou


Le 1er hôtel en bamboo du Sri Lanka

? En 2019, Julien et Aoife, décident de créer le premier éco-hôtel en bambou natif du Sri Lanka : Una Bambu

✨ Un choix original quand on sait que le bambou est souvent considéré comme un matériau de construction pour des constructions temporaires ! Laissez-les vous prouver que ce n'est qu'un cliché ? .

?Pour construire la 1ère villa de l'hôtel, ils organisent un workshop avec l'un des constructeurs de structures en bambou les plus innovants au monde : Jorge Stamm.

? "Vous allez vivre le bambou, respirer le bambou !"

?See you soon in Ahangama, Sri Lanka !

?Bonne écoute !

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Julien Bailly, co-founder of Una Bambou


They build the first hotel in bamboo of Sri Lanka

? In 2019, Julien and Aoife, decide to create the first eco-hotel in native bamboo of Sri Lanka.

✨ An original choice when we know that bamboo is often considered as a building material for temporary constructions ! Let them prove to you it is just a cliché ?. Una Bambu

?To build the 1st villa of the hotel, they are organizing a physical workshop with one of the world’s most innovative builder of bamboo structures : Jorge Stamm.

? “You will just live bamboo, breathe bamboo !”

?Good listening!

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Kimarli Fernando - Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism


Wonders of Sri Lanka

? We have had the opportunity to interview Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

? For those who didn't have the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka, this podcast will be an opportunity to travel from home! Let Kimarli take you on a journey beyond conventional wisdom, between wellness tourism, natural wonders and cultural diversity.

? This interview is part of the Eductour to Sri Lanka lead by 4 Flockeo Partners agencies. This project allows professionals to test an eco-designed tour to discover a variety of landscapes and local activities, engaged in a concrete implementation of a more ethical and sustainable tourism.

? Good listening!

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