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“Le Vert à Moitié Plein” is a french podcast that brings you to meet travelers, explorers and professionals of the tourism industry.
Every Sunday, discover the interview of someone who inspires us.
News, tips & tricks, inspirations, debates…
Together, we will find the path of a more sustainable tourism🌿

Nicki Van Ingen, Tokio Tours.


Your Japan Travel Guide !

🎙️ In this new episode, listen to our sustainable travel audio guide, accompanied by Nicki founder of TokioTours

➡️ In today’s program : an interview about sustainable tourism in Japan, followed by a moment of sharing where our guide answers questions asked by our listeners!

  • 🌿 Is it easy to travel sustainably in Japan?
  • 🌸 When to enjoy cherry blossoms?
  • ⛩️ How long for a first trip to Japan?
🎧 To be discovered in this episode!

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Selyna Peiris, Selyn


Empowering Sri lankan women through social business

🇱🇰 For this last podcast of the season, discover the interview of a committed, humanist, inspiring woman.

✨ It was during our Eductour in Sri Lanka in May that we met Selyna Peiris while visiting her company Selyn.

🧵Selyn is the only Fair-trade certified handicrafts company of Sri Lanka.

♀️ But it is also 30 years of women empowerment through a social business model.

30 years of combating rural depopulation, so women workers don’t have to go to Middle East countries.

30 years of keeping Sri Lankan traditional handloom alive

🎧Good listening !

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Julien Bailly, co-founder of Una Bambou


They build the first hotel in bamboo of Sri Lanka

🎋 In 2019, Julien and Aoife, decide to create the first eco-hotel in native bamboo of Sri Lanka.

✨ An original choice when we know that bamboo is often considered as a building material for temporary constructions ! Let them prove to you it is just a cliché 😉. Una Bambu

🌎To build the 1st villa of the hotel, they are organizing a physical workshop with one of the world’s most innovative builder of bamboo structures : Jorge Stamm.

💬 “You will just live bamboo, breathe bamboo !”

🎧Good listening!

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Kimarli Fernando - Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism


Wonders of Sri Lanka

🎤 We have had the opportunity to interview Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

💬 For those who didn't have the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka, this podcast will be an opportunity to travel from home! Let Kimarli take you on a journey beyond conventional wisdom, between wellness tourism, natural wonders and cultural diversity.

💡 This interview is part of the Eductour to Sri Lanka lead by 4 Flockeo Partners agencies. This project allows professionals to test an eco-designed tour to discover a variety of landscapes and local activities, engaged in a concrete implementation of a more ethical and sustainable tourism.

🎧 Good listening!

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Meet the turtles !

✨Fo the World Maritime Day, which took place on September 30th, we went to meet Paul who is a member of the association Archelon - The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece which aims to protect sea turtles and their habitats through many initiatives.

👀We invite you to discover these species that have inhabited our oceans for over 150 million years… because this period is not only known for fossils

🍃Paul's precious advice made us aware of the importance of protecting the maritime environment! We won't tell you more... Enjoy your listening 😉

🎧The podcast is available on Spotify, Deezer and Anchor

➡ To learn more, find all the information on : the official website of Archelon

Audio language: 🇬🇧