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The Lençois Maranhenses National Park, one of the best kitesurfing spots in the worldIt is a unique desert in the world with lagoons forming between January and February, during periods of heavy rains. The lagoon covers more than 1500 km² in Brazil. Rain water gorges the phreatic zones in just a few hours. And to get to this paradise, you have to deserve it! It takes more than 5 hours of car and boat from the capital of the Maranhão, SãoLuís, before coming to the little village Atins, a small oasis wedged between the sea and the dunes where there have never been roads or telephone networks.

Le parc national Lençois

The Lençois Maranhenses National Park is surrounded by large lagoons of water that appear when the tide is In. You can make epic descents and cross lagoons of flat water while enjoying beautiful waves. This place has something to offer to kiters of all levels with incredible conditions and authentic cultural experience in these sandy and quiet dunes. Brazil is atrue kitesurf heaven and can be a promising land for sustainable tourism!

This country also offers a variety of exceptional spots, famous all over the world. With a steady wind, there are countless professional or beginner riders who come to practice kitesurfing along the coast of the Nordeste region. There are several kitesurfing spots, some of which are well guarded.

Lençóis Maranhenses is considered one of the best flat-waterkiteboarding spotsin the world. Protecting the environment is a real challenge at the park level. Also, the rides on the dunes in all-terrain vehicles have become a major concern for the park’s managers.

Vehicles are prohibited on the dunes, but this rule does not always appear to be respected, and such activities threaten biodiversity: fragile species such as sandpipers and migratory terns, as well as the birds nesting there or the Brazilian slippery turtle (Pininga) live in this natural place.The Frenchman Julien Leroy, founder of Terra Nordeste, a travel agency specialized in Brazil, concerned about sustainability and in close interaction with the local community, met with us and alerted us to the risk of environmental pressure related to tourism activities.

It is important that environmental aspects are taken into account in the management of the naturel park to measure and preserve a healthy and sustainable tourism activity. For this reason, a few rules of conduct in order to preserve this paradise environment seem essential as Terra Nordeste makes us discover.

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