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A unique nurse and a fearless traveler

Mary Seacole is the story of a Jamaican woman who travels the world to reach the poor and the sick. Two centuries ago, a small piece of fearless woman defied the social laws and the prevailing racism of the time to do remarkable things. This incredible woman, born at the beginning of the 19th century on the Caribbean island of Jamaica to a Scottish soldier father and a Jamaican healing mother, grew up learning very quickly about traditional Jamaican treatments. Although it was not uncommon to see many women traveling, Mary quickly became independent and a traveler, going to the Bahamas or Cuba to buy spices and resell them in Jamaica.

Very quickly his medical skills will regain the upper hand, when Kingston will contain a major cholera epidemic. Many people will die there. Mary will later travel to Panama with her brother and will continue to treat cholera disease and tropical diseases such as yellow fever. Back in Kingston, Mary Seacole travels to Russia to help the Crimean War casualties. His unwavering commitment is still told and present today.

Mary Seacole, a Métis woman living in the 19th century, is an inspiring role model today for many women around the world. She went against social rules and racial prejudice to travel the world and do remarkable things. She has run businesses, cared for the wounded and sick and helped those in need, even in the most dangerous places of the time. Mary Seacole has written books on her travels to Panama and her experience during the Crimean War which made her story and her exploits known to as many people as possible.

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