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On board the California Zephyr and enjoy one of the longest train journey in the world! This Amtrak train, specifically designed as a scenic train, connects downtown Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area over a distance of 3900 km.

You want to get an eyeful? With the California Zephyr, you will not be disappointed!

Cross 6 states, while traveling responsible.

On departure, you will discover the center and the Chicago River. Then the train crosses the plains of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado

After Denver, the California Zephyr climbs the Rocky Mountains through resorts such as Winter Park and Glenwood Springs. Wonder at the Colorado River, cross Utah after sunset and stop in Salt Lake City. The train continues on the Great Basin of Northern Nevada, then crosses the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains and slowly descends to Sacramento. With a bit of luck, youmight even see bears! The California Zephyr ends its ride in Emeryville in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Should you wish to reach the city of San Francisco, very close, you can take one of the several buses and trains available on arrival at Emeryville.

Traveling vintage, while remaining responsible, it is possible!

Entered into service on June 10th 1939, the California Zephyr has become sopopular, thanks to its picturesque route, that the railways decided to continue its operations to date. The industrial choice has been to sacrifice speed forthe sake of panoramic views for the delight of passengers, so that they enjoythe splendid scenery. This decision proved to be a huge success for the greatshow that is the California Zephyr!

More over, train is a modern and vintage way of traveling responsibly: a plane trip is 1500 times more polluting than a train trip. Traveling by train will allow you to see more of the country, while reducing your ecological footprint!So, for this colorful trip that awaits you, with its emblematic natural places of great beauty, gofor the California Zephyr!

Do not miss any opportunity

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