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Nature conservation and sustainable tourism

IUCN is an international alliance for nature conservation. Present in NGOs and governments around the world, its experts embody the widest network of skills and knowledge about nature. Each year it draws up the red list of endangered species. Behind the acronym of IUCN is an NGO with global reach, dedicated to the conservation of ecosystems. Its role is to support societies around the world in their policies for the preservation of nature, in its integrity as well as its diversity. The organization has also an advisory role for the inscription of natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Although many parks undertake additional responsibilities for the social and economic well-being of surrounding communities, the equitable sharing of benefits and costs remains a challenge.

The development and adoption of strategies responding to this challenge are at the heart of several discussions in the field of sustainable tourism.

Wildlife tourism is a powerful tool countries can leverage to grow and diversify their economies while protecting their biodiversity and meeting several Sustainable Development Goals. It is also a way to engage tourists in wildlife conservation and inject money into local communities living closest to wildlife and fight mass tourism negative effects

Flockeo use the IUCN data to map the quality of biodiversity around the world.

The list includes biosphere reserves and other protected areas such as the gigantic Greeland National Park which covers over 970’000km2, the largest park in the world. There are also thousands of small sites with areas less than 10km2.
Thanks to these data used by the Flockeo map, we show The best results for protected and controlled areas. Unprotected areas are highlighted in lighter colors. They are allocated to regions that do not benefit from any control, funding or protection programs.

Below, Jau National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Brazil with 23’000 km2 in Amazonia.

Nature conservation : biodiversity flockeo map
Nature conservation, Image from Flockeo map
Image from Flockeo map
Nature conservation, Image of NASA, Landsat
Image of NASA, Landsat

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