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travel in chile, star gazing

Stargazing is one of the best activities to carry on in Chile. If you are passionate about our Milky Way or if you are looking for a total change of scenery, the Chilean sky is the place to be observed.

“Change your sky, you will change the


Travel in Chile to see the brightest sky in the world. Thanks to its nature, geography,climate and position the sky of this country is a real window to the universe. For a unique experience, visit the north and center of the country and enjoythe immensity of the universe, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

The 3 ideal destinations to enjoy the calm of the night and observe the stars :

San Pedro de Atacama

travel in chile, San pedro de Atacama

The ‘Moon valley’ is magical! Then, go from the Moon to Mars without leavingEarth!: just a few kilometers from the city, the red planet is there, in a valley baptized “Death Valley”. by the inhabitants, made of incredible rocky andsaline formations. The valley generously unveils magnificent sculptures atdusk when the massifs, volcanoes and salt caves are transformed at the lastlight of the sun. The night gives way to a luminous ballet that touches yourheart.

Elqui Valley

travel in chile elqui valley

For lovers of sport and adventure, the valley displays many routes, be it forhikes on foot, on horseback and by bike. It is also famous for the production ofwines such as Syrah. After nightfall, it is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a wonderful view on stars. Elqui Valley is home to the InternationalSanctuary of the Dark Skies of the World. Scientists from all over the globecome to study the mysteries of the universe in the country’s first astrologicalsite.

The Cajón del Maipo

travel in chile, the cajon del maipo

Maipo River is a source of water that runs through the village and along much of the Andean Cordillera. Cajon de Maipo is the perfect place to enjoy natureand rural life. Climbing its massifs, freshening up in its streams, exploring paleontological sites, descending rapids: there is something for each and everyone. At nightfall, enjoy the stars, always at the meeting !

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