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Silmara Ambrósio’s testimony

Flockeo: Please introduce yourself and your company.

Silmara Ambrósio : My name is Silmara Ambrósio, operational director of Vila Kalango and Rancho do Peixe Hotels, both located in Ceará, north-eastern Brazil.

Silmara Ambrósio's testimony, visuel

Vila Kalango is located on the beach of Jericoacoara, known worldwide for its natural beauty. Our structures are perfectly integrated with nature. The idea is to enhance and spotlight the rustic, local architecture and the native decoration.

Rancho do Peixe Hotel is located on Prea beach, an ideal retreat for those seeking inspiration amid nature, peace, and tranquillity. For lovers of wind sports, Rancho welcomes kite surfers from all over the world.

Flockeo: How does the Covid-19 crisis affect your daily life? How do you handle the situation?

Silmara Ambrósio : In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the concern for the preservation of our guests and employees’ health, our structures are all closed, following the regulations imposed by municipal, state, and federal agencies.

Silmara Ambrósio's testimony, visuel

All tourism activities within the Jericoacoara park have been suspended, in addition to the circulation of people and vehicles.

Today, we seek to find ways to keep maintaining our business, in addition to preserving jobs. We know that the world’s crisis situation will largely affect the hotel sector, but we are ready to face this battle head-on.

We count on the understanding of our guests, who are, in most cases, collaborating with rescheduling their trip and still supporting tourism. In this way, generating work is still possible, and the economy remains active in the local community, with activities such as fishing or agriculture among others.

Silmara Ambrósio's testimony, visuel

 Flockeo: Have you witnessed acts of solidarity around you?

Silmara Ambrósio : Yes, from the Community Council of our region, which supports several entrepreneurs. It has helped the most vulnerable families in our community. Together they are carrying out the distribution of basic food care packages.

Flockeo: Do you think the current situation will have a long-term impact on people’s minds and ways of doing things?

Silmara Ambrósio's testimony, visuel

Silmara Ambrósio : Yes, with luck, humanity will come out of this episode a little wiser, with new views of the world.

People are already expressing a desire for greater contact and concern for nature, sustainability, in addition to valuing the simple things in life. The less will be more. And walking barefoot in the sand, waiting for the sun to set, will be a need for everyone.

Flockeo: Do you have a specific message to share with the community?

Silmara Ambrósio : Dreams are still alive. It’s time to turn the page. Dreams don’t stop. They are still alive, only postponed. Don’t leave behind everything you’ve worked for. We deserve to celebrate overcoming this phase. Let’s do this together.

Separated, distanced, we come together in an unprecedented way. Without contact, humanity is holding hands again. We are experiencing a revolution, a milestone in the course of history. The impacts are in our hands, in our choices, in our new outlook on life.

Silmara Ambrósio's testimony, visuel, team

Our home, for now, is our world. But we are turning the page, and soon the world will become our home again.

Reschedule your dream. Start living the journey ahead.

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