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Travel lifestyle

Around the World in 4 Symbolic Animals

Humans have used animals as symbols since the dawn of time. After all, they are the closest living beings that link us to nature. In contrast with plants, they move, interact with us and in some cases, even become our…

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A baby turtle in Monaco and a city committed for climate

Once upon a time, a baby turtle was found in the port of Monaco. Since then, the Oceanographic Museum has a special area to heal sick turtles and accompany their return to freedom. Back on this modern-days adventure! The Oceanographic…

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environmental impact

Mass tourism, the invisible suffering of animals

I’VE COME BACK to check on a baby. Just after dusk I’m in a car lumbering down a muddy road in the rain, past rows of shackled elephants, their trunks swaying. I was here five hours before, when the sun was…

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