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3 Alternatives to Machu Picchu


3 Alternatives to Machu Picchu

Travel and discover Peru Of course, anybody who wishes to visit Peru wants to see the Machu Picchu. After all, it’s one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. But what about visiting alternative sites ?A victim of its…

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Wanderlust? 4 Books to Cure it !

Wanderlust ? There’s nothing quite like books to escape reality. While pictures speak a thousand words, stories give us details that a picture can’t. Even if we are coming out slowly of the COVID-19 lockdown, some of us cannot travel…

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In these times of confinement, let’s talk about art…

Art and Travel from the artist Agnes Canuto Travel, I am talking essentially about leisure travel, is a medium of permanent exchange with art. If art can be the thread of the journey, through visits to monuments, museums or picturesque…

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