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Nature landscape

COVID-19 and vegetation cover

COVID-19 : Context COVID-19 : With currently almost 1 200 000 confirmed cases worldwide (1), the coronavirus pandemic is no longer in doubt. It is now a phenomenon that affects everyone in the world in one way or another. Half…

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Before after of Venice, avant après venise

environmental impact

The impact of COVID-19 on the waters of Venice

Context April 2020, the coronavirus continues to spread around the world like a gust of wind. Hotbeds of contamination are multiplying, cases of disease number in the hundreds of thousands, the world economy is spatially and temporally frozen, humanity is…

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earth, nature, biodiversity

environmental impact

COVID-19, NO2 decrease

Context March 2020, the coronavirus spreads around the world like a wildfire. The outbreaks of contamination are increasing, there are hundreds of thousands of recognized cases, the global economy is stopped spatially and temporally, humankind is frozen. However, in many…

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