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After wheat, rice and maize, potato is the 4th largest crop of foodstuff and has become a staple of many countries’ diets. With a high content in vitamins, starch and the power to get a belly full, this humble tuber spread from his native Peru to all corners of the world. And why not learn a bit about its history while cooking at the same time?

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Here are 5 recipes to retrace the steps of the potato throughout the world

Peru, birthplace of the potato and the recipe for Papa a la huancaína

Papa a la huancaína is an appetizer made from yellow potatoes bathed in a sauce made from fresh cheese, pepper, evaporated milk and garnished with lettuce and egg. Since it is a cold dish, papa a la huancaina is a favorite for picnics and outings.

The Spread to Europe and the Belgian Fries

So, is it any wonder than the fries are associated with Belgium?  Although the paternity of “French fries” is disputed between France and Belgium, the latter has definitely the upper hand in fries-making, , mussels and fries being the country’s unofficial national dish. But what makes the Belgian fries so much better than the others?

The Polish potato pancake: plenze/placki

In Poland, one of the main potato-dish is “plenze” (also called “placki”), a kind of potato pancake that can be either sweet (sprinkled with sugar and topped with jam or applesauce) or savory (with meat sauce, goulash, sour cream, cheese…) 

A Maghreb specialty: the Chicken tagine with potato and preserved lemon

In the Maghreb, the potato was well accepted and soon, became part of the local gastronomy. The recipe of chicken tagine with potatoes and lemons is the example of how a new food can be included, and even welcomed, in a traditional dish such as tagine.

Cooking in Asia: Gamja Jorim, Korean-style potatoes

In South Korea, Gamja Jorim (or braised potatoes) has become a classic side dish, often packed in lunch boxes. Funnily enough, it is often served… with rice. 

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