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If plane is no longer an option for your travels, the Trans-Siberian could be avery interesting alternative for your future travels. The Trans-Siberian is thelongest train line in the world, for nearly 9300 km. It connects Moscow toVladivostok. In 7 days, you will cross 7 time zones.

An overview of the 3 routes …

Although the main Trans-Siberian line connects Moscow to Vladivostok, mostWestern travelers head for China via one of the two branches: the Trans-Mongolian line or the Trans-Manchurian line. There are two direct trains eachweek between Moscow and Beijing.

Travel from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia is probably the mostinteresting Trans- Siberian route to take. The weekly Trans-Mongolian trainleaves Moscow for Beijing every Tuesday evening. The 7,621 km journey lasts6 nights. The train crosses Siberia, passes through Mongolia and the GobiDesert, then enters China.

Travelling from Moscow to Beijing via Manchuria: the weekly Trans-Manchurian train leaves Moscow on Saturday evening for Beijing via Manchuria; it also takes almost seven days to travel 8,986 km.

The Trans-Siberian Railway is not a luxury train as one might think, but a trainfor passengers and merchants. There are of course 1st class seats but alsothe possibility to travel at standard fare in compartments ranging from 2 to 4berths. It is all about discovering and exchanging travel stories and memorieswith the Russians and Mongols travelers.

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