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If you are walking in one of the countries below, especially take the time to go and visit … a tree!These are not necessarily the most beautiful trees in Europe, but those whose history is written with a great ” H.Last year, the prestigious European Tree of the Year was awarded to a magnificent tree in the snow-capped mountains of Hungary.

#1 The Almond of the Snow Mountains of Pécs in Hungary

A symbol of eternal renewal, it is 135 years since this tree flowers and enchants visitors.

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Crédits photo : Svastits Krisztián

#2 Abramtsevo oak in Russia

At 248 years old, the powerful oak in the Museum of History, Art and Literature of Abramtsevo, in the Moscow region, has inspired painters and poets for nearly three centuries.

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#3 The Secular Oak of Monte Barbeiro

For 150 years, the badauds and local people sit in the calm, under the canopy, of this age-old oak.It brings softness and freshness during the canicular summers of Alentajo while contemplating the vast plain around.

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#4 The bird-bird ” Arburacellu “

At 230, the bird’s nickname owes its nickname to a fire that would have carved this cork oak located in Ghisonaccia, South Corsica.Like a bird that deploys its wings, it is considered the protective tree of Ghisonaccia.

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#5 The Freedom of Zádvoří

At the birth of Czechoslovakia in 1918, the inhabitants of Velké Opatovice planted sixteen trees of freedom, symbols of independence, democracy and the end of the First World War, including the freedom of Zádvoří

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#6 The Tree on Earth, in Poland

The tree on the ground is the symbol of determination in Poland since it was saved from slaughter.It has even become the privileged subject of photographers, artists and playground for children.Its form which has fallen to the ground and reacts to the light symbolizes determination and hope.

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#7 The beloved oak in the Netherlands

This 180-year-old oak was saved during the construction of the A58 motorway in 1986. Indeed, many oaks had to be slaughtered on the Anneville estate in the Netherlands. This oak, in the heart of the reserve, is the only one yet to be erected for the great pleasure of all travellers on the A58 motorway. He was elected the national tree of the year in 2018.

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#8 Keeper of the Great Moravian Secrets

This great 235-year-old accompanies the life of a small and old church, one of the oldest buildings in Great Moravia in Slovakia. They have been protecting each other and have been resistant to the weather for more than two centuries.

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#9 The Tree of Nellie “Love tree”

The tree of Nellie is a common beech that, 135 years later, makes us discover this beautiful love story.Nearly a century ago, Vic Stead, a young man, often went to the nearby village to meet Nellie, the young woman he attended.One day, he noticed three young beech shoots on his course, and had the idea of grafting one diagonally on the other two, to form Nellie’s N and courting his young friend.

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