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4 Unusual Business Practices : Trading and doing business is strongly linked to culture and sometimes, it can get a little bit weird when you are confronted with strange business practices abroad. 

Here are 4 unusual customs from 4 different countries that got us wondering.

4 Unusual Business Practices, Morocco

Haggling in Morocco

Haggling is something you can find all over the world but nowhere does it have the status of an almost national sport than in Morocco.

4 Unusual Business Practices, yap

Yap, the Island Where People Pay in Stone Money

Micronesia is an archipelago nation, far and isolated in the Pacific Ocean. The Yap islands group is part of Micronesia and has a very peculiar currency: stone.

4 Unusual Business Practices, Korea

In South Korea, Karaoke Seals the Deal 

If you are on a business negotiation with South Koreans and are invited to a Noraebang night  (the Korean karaoke), complete with heavy-alcohol consumption, by any means, do not refuse, unless you want to lose that deal and you’d better sing!

4 Unusual Business Practices, in finland

In Finland, Mixing Sauna with Business 

Usually, the Finns go to the sauna at least once a week. You may go on your own, with friends or family but did you know that you can actually have a business meeting in a sauna? 

Remember that one of the most important ways people communicate is through trade. Not only is it a way to exchange goods but also to be exposed to other cultures, different points of view and practices. Even if you’re the shyest of travelers, there is a good chance that you will talk to at least one person who will sell you something every day…. and get a glimpse about a culture and the way it works. 

Do not miss any opportunity

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