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Located between Brazil and Argentina, along the Rio de la Plata estuary,Uruguay is the smallest Hispanic country in South America… Small yes, butnot lacking resources!

For your responsible travel choose Uruguay, a confidential destination, not much coveted by tourists, which makes it an authentic country. This green region is considered to be the land of the “bons vivants”. Indeed, Uruguay hasa very lively and traditional cultural scene, including tango, murga music; italso welcomes the largest carnival in the world which lasts 40 days! Overthere, all locals drink maté, a drink infused with yerba maté leaves, traditionalin South America.

Todo tranqui” – everything’s fine! A phrase
you quickly get used to hearing when you
spend time in Uruguay.

Easy going atmosphere! Uruguay abounds with the most beautiful beaches in South America, where sea-lions bask in the sunset. Summer season runs fromlate December to late February, but the warm weather extends from November to end of March. You can also celebrate the “Earth Day” which takes place on April 22’nd!

As not much industrialized, the country is under little environmental pressure,inducing well preserved and therefore very rich biodiversity. Nature tourism activities have developed in quantity and quality and are now world-renowned. Uruguay has wonderful spots to enjoy extraordinary eco-tourism activities!

Uruguay, a fair destination

Stroll through the alleys of the small post-colonial town “Colonia de Sacramento 5”, (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) throughexotic plants and colorful houses ; climb to the top of el famoso lighthouse of Uruguay and catcha nice overview of the city.

Then discover the agricultural estancias and the great plains, strewed with flora species and full of cows herded by gauchos, the cowboys of South America, with whom you can also take a horse back ride.

Finally, take a side trip to the most enchanting and a typical place in Uruguay : Cabo Polonio! A charming village without water or electricity for a rootsatmosphere to take a rest “Uruguayan style”. Not far away, you will find thenational park, divided between land and sea. This biosphere reserve is of arare beauty: succession of beaches, cirques, creeks, cliffs and dunes, but also plurality of fauna and flora! Then head west to the wild beach of Oceanio delPolonio, to watch penguins, seals, sea wolves and many birds. Note that there are 220 species of birds flying over Uruguay!

As you have understood, visiting Uruguay is going in great out doors to take time and find yourself! All this, thanks to the very welcoming local community promoting the “Tranquilo” atmosphere!

Do not miss any opportunity

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