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Why travel in Mauritius

Sustainable tourism in Mauritius

Is Mauritius a sustainable touristic island ? YES, for sure ! Mauritius’ attractiveness does not only result in its beautiful beaches and “all inclusive” resorts. Indeed, curious travelers will find them and some more intriguing places. 

This island, which is 40km long (North-South) and 50km large (East-West), has seen tourists concentrated around only a few spots. Tourists are mostly gathered around accommodations. These overpopulated spots start to see the damages and negative externalities of such tourism. 

Once the Mauritian authorities and government were conscious of these externalities and long term issues, they decided to take strong actions. These actions are listed and encouraged in the “Maurice Ile Durable” programm. Limiting the use of fuel energy and promoting sustainable energies were the main government’s aim. More than 10 years later, private companies start to invest in alternative approaches and responsible travel, clearly differentiating them from big touristic resorts activities. 

Their aim is for tourists to discover a protected natural environment, composed of a unique flora and fauna. Mauritius can and will benefit from developing such diverse assets. This diversity is thus very attractive for eco-tourists and eco-responsible trips. This sustainable and exclusive approach will allow you to meet and exchange with locals, understand their culture and travel this island like only a few did.

 Mauritius natural reserves

Among all protected areas, you will have the opportunity to explore the natural park of “les Gorges de la Rivière Noire”. Located on the South-West side of the island, this park is 70Km square and the biggest natural reserve in Mauritius. You may hike there, along the 60km of trails you will discover superb and unique landscapes of tropical and exotic forest, and also beautiful waterfalls.
Among these great landscapes/views/panoramas you will discover some of the 300 endemic species of flowers and birds, such as the “paille-en-queue” and finaly monkeys which have established their home in this natural paradise.
Besides this huge one, other natural spaces, less crowded such as “le Bras d’eau” or “la valle d’Osterlog”, will astonish you as well.

“l’ile aux Aigrettes” : a natural paradise

Are you interested in time traveling ? That is what people of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation are trying to create in the “Ile aux Aigrettes”. This island is situated on the South-East coast of Mauritius. There, and for many decades, the foundation has been trying to restore the islet the way it was centuries ago. They are erasing any traces of late imported vegetation, replacing them with old historical and endemic ones, and doing the same thing with the fauna.
Visits of this islet are led by a biologist-guide which will help you acknowledge and understand the environmental stakes of such a beautiful and important project of sustainable and eco-tourism !

Travel and meet with the Mauritians

More than the environmental and natural aspect, sustainable tourism is also a human to human approach of traveling. The aim of this trip is also to go, meet and learn from the locals and their culture. During your stay in Mauritius you may experience multiple discussions and activities with Mauritians, which are glad and proud of sharing their knowledge and cultural heritage with you ! 

By following some Mauritian cooking lessons, you will experience real moments of sharing, while realizing some of the greatest Mauritian meals, a unique and tasty cooking universe.
While you are there, you should also go on and meet with wood and glass craftsmen. You may also notice some exceptional art on sea-urchin (Yeah, that’s right, sea-urchin) !

If you want your trip to be a full and durable success, you will have to be curious and open-minded, in order to fully embrace the cultural inheritance of Mauritius, which is the true gift of this island.



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