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Our values

With Flockeo, we want to encourage the positive movement of tomorrow's travels and allow you to find your next adventure fully in line with the current issues of sustainable development : respect, sharing and protection.

Did you know that tourism is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions? That only 5 to 10% of your money really goes to local communities when you travel? Or that a tourist consumes an average of 812L of water per night in a hotel in Indonesia compared to 140L of water/night on average in Europe.

Booking your experience with Flockeo means finding useful information and taking real action to protect the ecosystems of your destination. It also means aiming for ethical and solidarity-based tourism that takes into consideration local economic issues. It is contributing to a respectful and socially responsible tourism, involving all the parties concerned: tourists, employees and inhabitants. A key element in our approach to your travels is the challenge of addressing the negative effects of mass tourism and the pursuit of innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our adventures together.

Our actions

We are constantly looking for like-minded, committed tourism professionals to help you create your dream adventure. We offer awareness-raising and inspirational content both on all our networks and on our blog. We have also created a crowdfunding platform that allows you to take action, either to support our partners in their transformation project or to contribute to projects that reduce the global carbon footprint.

Our indicators

Murmuration, FlockEO's mother company, helps local authorities and territories to understand and reduce the impact of tourism on the environment thanks to indicators calculated from satellite and earth observation data. We wanted to include some of these indicators on a new map that shows the status of the world's environment, easily accessible for you so that you can find your ideal destination according to its geographical data and the touristic pressure.

Navigate now: Learn more about the FlockeoMap.

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