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Why travel in Sri Lanka

Sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka

Located just southwest of the tip of India, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is a real gem that will delight lovers of sustainable tourism and ecotourism. And we are advising you to give preference to local actors to organize your trip to Sri Lanka. They will be able to share with you their traditions and their love of their country with its rich culture.

This island has been known under the names of Tambapanni, Serendip, Ceylon and finally Sri Lanka since 1972. The millenary history has bequeathed a cultural and religious heritage of exception. 

Moreover,you will experience great cities and landscapes. Go bike and explore the cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, or the rocks of Sigiriya or Pidurangala, very close and less frequented.

The natural heritage of Sri Lanka has nothing to envy to all these exceptional sites. The “Pearle of the Indian Ocean” is indeed home to an extraordinary biodiversity. The country has a large number of natural parks and protected wild spaces. On your program: hikes of a few hours or treks of several days in the jungle. 

The natural jewels of Sri Lanka

Two of the country’s natural gems are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Go and explore the highlands of the center of the island. At more than 2,500 meters above sea level, the classified area covers Horton Plains Park, Peak Wilderness protected area and the Knuckles Mountains. These mountainous areas are home to exceptional endemic flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you will be able to see several species of primates such as the semnopithecus, the loris, or the much sought after Sri Lankan leopard. 

The Sinharaja Forest, away from the main tourist flows, is the second natural site classified by UNESCO. This exceptional area alternates between ridges and valleys. More importantly, it protects the last primary tropical forest of the country. It shelters an incredible biodiversity: 60% of the trees are endemic and rare. More than half of the fauna is also endemic like some langurs and many birds like the coucal of Ceylon. 

There are more than twenty national parks in Sri Lanka so you will be spoilt for choice. Wildlife enthusiasts should also visit Uda Walawe, Minneriya or Yala parks in the south of the country. There they will observe elephants in their natural environment. In Yala, at the edge of the Indian Ocean, you can also observe bears, leopards, crocodiles, but be careful to keep your eyes open! 

For more tranquility, do not hesitate to move away from the most frequented places of the park in order to enjoy it even more.

There are also hundreds of beaches on which you will bask at the end of beautiful days of discoveries. Near the coasts, don’t hesitate to discover in the good way the mangrove, this really important, but fragile and increasingly threatened ecosystem.

Sharing and exchanging with Sri Lankans

To travel in Sri Lanka, it is very easy to use the train thanks to the very developed railway network. It will be the occasion to admire superb landscapes, in particular on the coasts or in the heart of the tea plantations. You will be able to share privileged moments of exchange with Sri Lankan travelers who also travel by train.

For your accommodations, opt for guest houses in order to share unique moments with your hosts. To better discover the Sri Lankans’ culture, share a cooking class to appreciate all the secrets of a successful Rice and Curry. An unforgettable sharing experience to travel in the heart of the flavors and aromas of Sri Lankan cuisine!

And what could be better than a day participating in agricultural activities or in the ceremony of offerings ? it will allow you to understand the daily life of Sri Lankans. It is also an opportunity to build lasting relationships with the people who welcomed you among them.  

To understand the Sri Lankan culture, you could also benefit from an Ayurvedic massage. And why not be initiated to Ayurvedic medicine in the company of a local doctor ? He will teach you the basics of this ancestral traditional medicine. 

These are only a few ideas to meet the Sri Lankans. There are so many others. Local actors of sustainable tourism will recommend them to you, making your trip to Sri Lanka the best of sustainable memories.



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