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The Flockeo team is delighted to announce the launch of a partnership with Yupgwego, a travel insurance company offering tailor-made policies to suit the needs of every traveller.

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Legal framework: what do the Tourism Code and the IDD say?

Article R.211-4-8° of the French Tourism Code requires tour operators to inform travellers of the possibility of taking out travel insurance before the travel contract is concluded.

As for the IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive), since 16 May 2018 it has included a new type of distributor: the insurance intermediary on an ancillary basis.

For travel operators, this means that you can now distribute multi-risk travel insurance (at least repatriation insurance). This is a new business opportunity for you.

There are three conditions for distributing a travel insurance contract: 

  • The distribution of insurance is secondary to this person’s main professional activity.
  • The person distributes only insurance products that complement a good or service.
  • The insurance products in question do not cover the risks associated with life insurance or civil liability, unless this cover is only a complement to the good or service sold.

The following conditions must be met if you do not wish to be classed as a broker and therefore be subject to the Orias (Organisme pour le registre unique des intermédiaires en assurance, banque et finance) with all the constraints and obligations of the brokerage profession (registration, staff training, duty to provide advice, etc.).

Conditions for avoiding broker status and the associated obligations:

  • If the amount of the premium per person is less than €200 per trip.
  • If the annual premium per person is less than €600.
  • If the duration of cover is less than 90 days.

Obligations if the above conditions are not met:

  • Disclose the identity and address of the intermediary, and the claims procedures, as soon as the quotation is drawn up.
  • Comply with the information obligations stipulated in the Insurance Code.
  • Provide the customer with an information document on the insurance product before signing the contract.
  • Inform the customer that signing up to the insurance contract is separate from the opportunity to purchase the trip.
  • Disclose the identity and address of the intermediary, and the complaints procedure, as soon as the quotation is drawn up.

Otherwise, the travel agency falls outside the scope of insurance intermediary on an ancillary basis and is therefore subject to Ortias.

The Yupwego solution for distributing travel insurance

Flockeo has teamed up with Yupwego to enable you to sell travel insurance without having to worry about administrative management, while receiving commission on sales.

Yupwego offers you a management interface connected to its various insurers, as well as access to its brokerage platform. As a travel agent, you act as a distributor. You can therefore offer contracts to your individual or professional travellers.

Your obligations as a distributor:

  • You can create a contract directly from the customer, as long as you record their consent on a material medium, and you must keep this evidence.
  • Ensure that the customer’s payment has been made in order to activate the guarantees.
  • Inform Yupwego of any contract cancellations made before the effective date.
  • Respect the regulatory framework proposed by Yupwego, particularly with regard to the customer’s right of withdrawal.

You will have access to the pre-contractual documentation needed to provide legal information to the customer before the contract is signed (information sheet, general terms and conditions, etc.).

Your benefits


As a travel agent, you will benefit from a 15% commission on each Yupwego contract sold via Flockeo.

Dedicated access to the portal 

It is in this dedicated space that you will be able to create contracts for your customers. When customers browse the Yupwego site, the partner agency’s logo is displayed with the words “In partnership with”, both on the main site and in the subscription tunnel of the insurance process.

Once the contract has been taken out, the customer is automatically informed by e-mail, and receives a guide detailing the process should they need assistance.

As a travel agent, you can track and consult contracts in the “my sales” tab. You also have access to the amount of commission generated through commission reporting. Invoicing management is simplified because contracts are paid for at the time of subscription. An invoice is issued for each payment. Invoices can be downloaded directly from the customer account. A version 2 of the application, currently under development, will bring together the contract and commission management interfaces.

This partnership between Flockeo and Yupwego offers you a unique opportunity to distribute travel insurance to your customers. Benefit from commission on sales, a dedicated platform and a transparent legal framework.

For more information, click here or contact us via la Conseillerie.