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Commitments in sustainable tourism

Aloka Sanna is a local travel agency. Our team is essentially local. And so we work exclusively with local players. People and life are at the heart of our approach and our commitments. During the stays, we value meetings with people on the spot. For example with fishermen, seamstresses, peasants. For us, it's more than a trip, it's a shared life experience. We also want to highlight the beauty of nature by discovering the mangrove and respectful environmental sites. That’s why we want to preserve nature. For example, we participate in beach cleanups by collecting plastic waste. We limit the use of plastic by allocating glass bottles for each traveler. In the same way, we highlight all the benefits of nature through plants, fruits and vegetables. Ayurvedic medicine is essential in Sri Lanka. We are also engaged in the protection of animals and dogs in particular with the intervention of French veterinary students to help care for injured or sick dogs. The joy and pleasure of traveling remains our compass for discoveries in all kindness.

Our main strenghts

  • Access for disabled people
  • Cultural activities
  • Activities on Nature
  • Sports activities
  • Customized experiences
  • Attractive prices
  • Environmental protection
  • Wildlife encounter
  • Authentic people
  • Soft mobility transport
  • An exceptional location
  • A dynamic team

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