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We have created Flockeo to federate a global community around sustainable tourism. We aim at connecting travelers and professionals in an inclusive eco-system based on the values of sustainability, protection of the environment, sharing experiences with the local communities and extending the benefits of tourism to the larger local regions.   

The protection of the environment are an incredible opportunity for every destination to reinvent its tourism policy and to promote new regions. This is a great space to counter mass tourism and to advocate sustainable development in newly developed areas.
Through our map, we provide the Flockeo indicator to the community with an independent, transparent view of the environmental footprint of tourism on a destination.   

A community dedicated to sustainable tourism has to honor three pillars :
act for the preservation of the environment, foster local economies and respect local communities and their cultures. 

The Sustainable Tourism Charter


Sorting and Waste Reduction

Limit the use of plastic

Saving water and energy

Promote the use of soft mode of transport

Preserving biodiversity


Inform about lifestyle, heritage, culture of the destination

Help to learn the local language

Promote activities that reach out to people


Make local actors work

Promote short circuits

The commitments of professionals on flockeo.com

The professionals provide this information in a fully transparent manner and without moderation from the Flockeo team as we believe that a community shall be based on mutual trust and respect.  

1 bird

The travel professional is on the right track in his approach, has implemented 1 to 3 flagship actions in the field of sustainable tourism.

2 birds

The travel professional is really engaged and recognized with nearly 7 actions implemented.

3 birds

Well done! All travel professionals should aim for this, as his approach is so successful.

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