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Reinvent your travel practices

Unearth beautiful sustainable destinations and, Travelers from the World, leave a golden imprint with every step

The stars, well known to nomads who cross the desert and to navigators who sail the oceans, constitute a limpid map in the sky that they can read when the night has come and there is no mark on the ground, or on the sea likely to guide them. Like nomads and sailors, use the Flockeo map to guide you to natural and enlightening places !

indicateur carte flockeo tourisme durable

1. I browse the map

  1. From Bolivia to Bali, passing Australia and Mongolia, let your imagination run wild and create you responsible journey! Browsing hints: Green : the color of hope! The other colors, I double my attention!

2. I choose a destination

  1. Compose your custom trip with Flockeo’s information. Investigate and take into account environmental constraints. Choose to discover the hidden treasures of low-traffic areas or to see the already known wonders of the world and the high-traffic areas but paying attention to your impact.
Indicateur impact environnemental pays bolivie

Flockeo page pays tourisme durable

3. I connect with stakeholders in sustainable tourism

  1. Become your own travel guide and benefit from the information and advice of professionals who have a sustainable approach.

4. I calculate my carbone footprint

  1. To effectively reduce the carbon footprint, I make a carbon assessment of my trip. CO2 calculation basis in destination page

It is up to you now!

Science is a wellspring of spirituality. Satellites to show you the colors of the world!

Do not miss any opportunity

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