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47/35A, white house
Madampella road
11534 Katana





Languages : français, anglais

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Commitments in sustainable tourism

We are a local travel agency run by French people living in Sri Lanka, with a European "vision" of sustainable tourism. When we arrived, there was no garbage collection in the area, after many phone calls, the town hall set up a collection and since a few weeks, there is even a beginning of sorting!
In Sri Lanka, the "normality" is, for example, to put your waste in a plastic bag and throw it in the river, or to buy a 20cl plastic water bottle, drink it and throw it in the nature. That's why we will provide you with a copper Ayurvedic gourd (which has antiseptic properties) to fill to avoid the use of plastic. We will also propose you many activities with the local population (making spices, earthen pots, baskets made of coconut leaves, natural soaps made of organic coconut oil, natural colors and fabrics, cooking, fishing, and many other ethical activities).
We will not offer you an elephant ride, but rather a chance to discover them in the wild.
On your arrival, you will be given a "kitEtik" including a natural fabric bag and a recycled fabric bag made by a community of women, an Ayurvedic gourd, a stainless steel cup, 100% natural soap and balm against insect bites, a map of the country printed on elephant dung paper
We attach great importance to helping improve sustainable tourism practices and to supporting a part of the most disadvantaged population.
We are the only ones to offer you the services of a female driver-guide, a revolution for the status of women in Sri Lanka!

Our main strenghts

  • Access for disabled people
  • Cultural activities
  • Activities on Nature
  • Customized experiences
  • Attractive prices
  • Environmental protection
  • Wildlife encounter
  • Authentic people
  • Soft mobility transport
  • An exceptional location
  • A dynamic team

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