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Balinese cooking class – Online


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Moment Description

Take this class at home, guided by Sukartana from his home in South Bali. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Located between Java and Lombok, Bali is an island with an impressive cultural richness. Thanks to this 1h30 workshop led by Sukartana, bring a taste of Bali and its flavors back to your kitchen!

Sukartana is Balinese from the village of Sidemen and grew up in a farming family. A graduate of a tourism school, he is passionate about Balinese cuisine and culture.

Experience a fascinating introduction to exotic ingredients and Bali's unique culinary heritage, in a traditional island home. This cooking class will make you discover the beauty of Balinese cultural life and the secrets of the typical dish Nasi Goreng, a true gastronomic emblem of Indonesia.
We will send you the list of ingredients needed to make the recipe as soon as your registration is validated.

"Once, I accompanied French people for a week in Bali. The first question they asked me was: what is the typical dish of Bali? I answered that it was Nasi Goreng. So, at lunch time, I took them to eat at a local restaurant and we ordered Nasi Goreng. Result: they ate Nasi Goreng for the rest of their stay! According to them, it is the best dish in Bali ."

Did you know?

In Indonesian, "Nasi goreng" literally means "fried rice".
Although elected the country's national dish, Nasi goreng is also very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, but also in the Netherlands.

Its recipe adapts according to the regions and the tastes of each one.


We will define together the date of your Moment.

The price is decreasing. If you are booking this workshop for:

  • 1 person = 72€ per person
  • 2 persons = 36€ per person
  • 3 persons = 24€ per person
  • + of 4 persons = 18€ per person

You can be in the same place, or remotely during the workshop.

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