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Homemade cosmetics made in Sri Lanka


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Moment Description

What's better than taking care of yourself with homemade natural products, quickly?

From her home in Sri Lanka, Armelle gives you her secrets and ideas for making your cosmetic products with few ingredients!

Creator of her own brand of natural cosmetics in Sri Lanka (Ceylan Vie), Armelle will bring you her advice and her professionalism, without forgetting her joie de vivre!
During this workshop to follow from home, you can make a skin mask, a make-up remover, a serum, and a deodorant. You can adapt the smells to your tastes, and the recipes to your skin type.
We will send you the list of ingredients needed to make the cosmetic recipes as soon as your registration is validated.

Did you know?

Each oil has its own properties. Choosing an oil suited to your skin type will allow you to optimize the benefits you will derive from it.
Armelle will be able to advise you and explain which oils to choose according to your skin.


We will define together the date of your Moment.

The price is decreasing. If you are booking this workshop for:

  • 1 person = 72€ per person
  • 2 persons = 36€ per person
  • 3 persons = 24€ per person
  • + of 4 persons = 18€ per person

You can be in the same place, or remotely during the workshop.

Book for your loved ones!

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