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Online visit of Zadar – Croatia


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Description de l'experience

Discover Zadar, Croatia's coastal city, for 1 hour in the company of our guide Anita :
Hello dear friends!
My name is Anita, and I was born and raised in Zadar. Join me on an adventure, and I'll introduce you to my beloved country - Croatia.
I'm looking forward to every meeting!

Join me on a journey back in time.

Let's take a stroll and enjoy some of the world's most unique artworks!
This tour will begin with some of Zadar's newest and most unique installations: "The Sea Organs" and Greetings to the Sun . They have become symbols of the city and are a must-see! It's also an award-winning project where architecture and nature are perfectly intertwined.
Want to know how sea organs produce sound? Join me and I'll explain this magical instrument made up of 75-meter-long waterfalls.

Next door, you'll find Greetings to the Sun - the great monument to the sun, also known as "a little hydroelectric power station" with 300 glass solar panels. In the evening, magnificent warm colors spread across these panels, enchanting you.

The rest of the tour will be a surprise!

Did you know?

Did you know that Sea Organs always play a different melody? You'll never hear the same sound again!

Zadar is still home to Roman vestiges, such as the remains of temples and shops from that era.

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