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Guéra Touristique

Mongo (Guéra) quartier secteur 6
BP10 Mongo


Languages : Français/arabe, espagnol

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Short summary

The Guéra Touristique association, legally created in 2016 through its president Hassane Abdoulaye Moussa, has a double objective:
First, it is about developing solidarity tourism and eco-tourism in the provinces of Guéra, Batha, Salamat and Ennedi.
Secondly, it involves providing assistance for the development of the population by setting up micro-development projects (health, agriculture, access to water, livestock, education of adult and young women, vocational training, youth employment…).

Commitments in sustainable tourism

The vision and commitment of the Guéra Touristique association in the context of sustainable tourism is the approach we adopt to promote a tourist activity that respects the traditions of the places visited, respects the environment, creates sustainable employment. to promote the local and inclusive economy, create links between hosts and visitors. Finally, sustainable tourism is a pledge of fair and united development which enables travelers and hosts to be actors and not only consumers.

The team of the Guéra Touristique Association is made up of local guides, guides, cooks, drivers ... Our team knows the places to visit and has a good command of our tours.

More details

We are an association called Guéra Touristique legally recognized on July 08, 2016 in Mongo in the province of Guéra, in Chad. Thank you very much for paying attention to the following message.
Our goals ?
Promote solidarity tourism and ecotourism in the province of Guéra, Batha, Salamat, and Ennedi by highlighting the landscape and cultural heritage of these provinces. But we also contribute to the economic and social development of the province of Guéra.
- Education (Women's literacy, tutoring).
- Access to water.
- Professional training (guide, entrepreneur, etc.).
- Settlement of inter-community conflicts (pastoral farmers).
- Development of solidarity tourism and ecotourism in the provinces of Guéra, Batha, Salamat and Ennedi.
Our achievements :
- 5 Festivals of nomadic cultures.
- 2 Day of Chadian gastronomy.
- The supervision of tourist circuits.
- A water well for the Fulani refugees in Niergui.
- Book donations to schools and colleges in the city of Mongo.
- Training of local guides.
- Entrepreneurship training for young people.
- 5 literacy centers for women's groups.
- Tutoring for pupils (girls) of CM1, CM2 of the school of the Fraternity.
What we offer: circuits.
In order to enhance the flora and fauna, we will accompany you to the Zakouma National Park and the mountains of the province of Guéra. We will also show you remarkable sites such as the Massif de L’Ennedi in the Sahel desert.

We will also invite you to meet the Hadjarai, Fulani, Arab peoples in order to discover their traditions, their daily life, their dances and their culture. We also offer hiking, dromedary, donkey or horse riding.
Our tours vary between 10 days and 14 days and we adapt according to your choice and your time.

Our prices

From 100 to 150 euro / day

Our main strenghts

  • Access for disabled people
  • Cultural activities
  • Activities on Nature
  • Attractive prices
  • Environmental protection
  • Wildlife encounter
  • Authentic people
  • Soft mobility transport
  • A dynamic team

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