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Fair travel

Is sustainable tourism possible in Maldives ?

The Maldives, the postcard of paradise on earth "par excellence". Hotels on stilts, immaculate fine sandy beaches… "There where all is order and beauty. Lush, calm and voluptuous." Then came the Fall: plastic and air pollution, dependence on tourism, rising…

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porto, Portugal


Portugal, 4 Outdoors and Relaxing Activities to Do

When visiting Portugal, the first things that come to mind are its beaches, its cities of art and culture, its wines… but let us take you outside to discover how to enjoy the country’s great outdoors. We have picked four…

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star in the desert, camel, chameau

Adventure style

Four Best Places Around the World for Stargazing

If you live in a city, there are chances that you don’t see the stars too often, between inclement weather conditions and light pollution, it’s become nearly impossible to look at the Milky Way and the visible planets in our…

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yoga, shadow, sunset, ombre, levé du soleil


India, the Cradle of Yoga

The growing interest in Yoga in Europe dates back to the 19th century. Thetravels of great writers such as Victor Hugo and other celebrities created acraze for Yoga and Eastern cultures. At that time, Yoga was in perfectharmony with the…

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île fiji, Fiji island, nature


Fiji Islands, a paradise on earth threatened by climate change

Fiji encompasses 300 islands abounding with natural treasures: fine whitesands, mangroves, forest, corals and volcanic massifs. Its inhabitants areextremely friendly and will help you to discover preserved rites and traditions.Although one of the most natural regions in the world it…

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coconut tree, beach, costa rica


5 hints to visit Costa Rica with confidence

Whether planning your Green travel to Costa Rica or already traveling, rely upon these hints for a slow, stress-free vacation. Slow Tourism is a travel trend that emerged in the 2000s. It is about discovering enchanting landscapes while taking your…

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