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Fair travel

3 vineyards to visit in the Finger Lakes

Dear Wine and Countryside lover, have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy the blissful atmosphere of Finger Lakes while sipping local wine in vineyards? This region of New York is already well known for it’s Finger…

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Anthony Verlaine

Fair travel

Anthony Verlaine, a committed influencer

Criticized for their lack of ecological awareness, more and more influencers are taking the measure of their responsibilities and use their aura to raise awareness about sustainable development issues. This is the case of Anthony Verlaine. Portrait of this committed…

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canadian forest

Flockeo Trips

Big leap into the unknown: a trip to the the Gaspé Peninsula

Each month, we give the floor to adventurers who have been able to travel. They share their experiences and advice with us. This month, Thomas tells us about his trip to Canada, more precisely to the Gaspé Peninsula. I had…

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L’histoire de Kauai, paysage


The story of Kauai, a Hawaiian island different from the others

The fact that this small Hawaiian island chain holds the most remote location in the Hawaiian archipelago, nearly 400 km as the crow flies, lends to an interesting migration history. Couple that with a rich culture that developed and is…

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Staunton State Park, Voyage sur la route, On the road


On the road of Kerouac, discover the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The Beat generation owes a lot to Jack Kerouac and to his art of living: a "celestial tramp" as he described himself. His books reveal a complex America, to which he felt attached but somehow stranger. On the road of…

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