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Mangrove de Martinique

Fair travel

The Mangrove of Martinique in a new way

Looking for a sustainable activity for your vacation in Martinique? The visit of the mangrove is a must. But what if you visited it differently? A new gaze at the mangrove of Martinique Frontier between land and sea, the mangrove…

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Madagascar's landscape

Fair travel

Madagascar: discover the secrets of vanilla with Festiv

Attracting thousands of tourists every year, Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. It is also known as the red island, because of its warm colour seen from the sky. Red but not monochrome. Indeed, Madagascar abounds in…

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Live tour

5 magnificent online guided tours to discover

Since March 2020, we have initiated online guided tours to offer you the pleasure and leisure of traveling from home. Like the Flockeo BOOSTs , these virtual tours are a foretaste of travel. . We wanted these moments to be as authentic as possible. One year later,…

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