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Mangrove de Martinique

Fair travel

The Mangrove of Martinique in a new way

Looking for a sustainable activity for your vacation in Martinique? The visit of the mangrove is a must. But what if you visited it differently? A new gaze at the mangrove of Martinique Frontier between land and sea, the mangrove…

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Experts' views

Wildlife tourism has a sustainable future

Elephant rides in Thailand, dolphin shows in water parks, snake charmers in Jema El Fnaa square. The animal experience in travel is a dream and inflates the likes on social media. Behind the scenes, the reality is less glowing for…

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Parc Tivoli @Flockeo

Fair travel

Cycling in and around Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the world capital of cycling. Fast, practical and sustainable, the "little queen" is the perfect way to discover a city at your own pace. Cycling in Copenhagen is a real pleasure! The roads are well maintained and bicycles have…

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Voyager Europe Vélo


Travelling in Europe by bike

"After a PVT in Australia and the shock of the fires that ravaged the country, I decided to change my way of traveling. My next adventure will be by bike and in Europe, to meet the actors of sustainable tourism:…

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(Rue de La Havane, Cuba, ©R-evolution)

Fair travel

Cuba, “the village island” with R-evolution Cuba

With R-Evolution Cuba, we invite you to discover the island of Cuba. Its people and its unique culture make our trips deeply human and immersive. We will take you to discover this place, where wonder and emotion punctuate this Cuban…

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canadian forest

Flockeo Trips

Big leap into the unknown: a trip to the the Gaspé Peninsula

Each month, we give the floor to adventurers who have been able to travel. They share their experiences and advice with us. This month, Thomas tells us about his trip to Canada, more precisely to the Gaspé Peninsula. I had…

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Madagascar's landscape

Fair travel

Madagascar: discover the secrets of vanilla with Festiv

Attracting thousands of tourists every year, Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. It is also known as the red island, because of its warm colour seen from the sky. Red but not monochrome. Indeed, Madagascar abounds in…

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Famille face au couché de soleil

Fair travel

5 tips to succesfully prepare homeschooling while traveling.

The desire to travel has never been greater. The global pandemic is pushing us to think differently about our lifestyles and choices.Encouraged by technological and digital developments, many parents are considering the idea of homeschooling their children. This idea is…

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Landscape Poland Mountains


Discover Eastern Poland by bike: the Green Velo Szlak.

At the cultural crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe, Poland is a mysterious country, relatively unknown. However, it has a lot to offer, both for its History and the beauty of its wild landscapes, which are still well preserved. To…

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Travelers testimonies

How to travel around the world with your children?

The hardest part is to embrace travel no longer as a vacation style but as a way of life. Passionate travelers, Laura and her family took the big leap. So taking the big leap is a yes but not without…

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